Post Insomnia58 Update

Insomnia 58 was crazy! We had a lot of fun and even got invited to showcase WarpBall at Legends of Gaming afterwards. We received a tremendous amount of interest and great feedback from Insomnia58. We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came out to see us and play the latest build of the game.

It was a brand new experience for a few of us and we were struck by the size and scope of the exhibition. During early mornings and late afternoons, we managed to sneak away and try some other games and get some nerdy merchandise. The rest of the day was spent trying to contain our excitement at watching people play WarpBall. It was a lot of fun to see people try the game as well as how they played.

Let’s not forget the tournament we had as well! We learnt a very important lesson that day: tournaments are really hard to organise. Thank you everyone who participated and for being so patient with us. We did our best. The matches were always exciting with some people starting at a huge disadvantage, only to clench the win in the end. But, ultimately, it was the Spicy Boys that won! Congratulations to them and their patented “Spicy Technique” which we definitely need to have a look at. Thank you again everyone who joined us during Insomnia58!

We hope you’re enjoying the game right now and are always looking to hear feedback you have or features you want to see. You can contact us at any of the following social media sites:

Facebook – @WarpBallGame

Twitter – @WarpBallGame

Instagram – @UnrulyAttractions

Reddit – /r/WarpBall