WarpBall Update (05/09/2016): Audio Changes and Player Names

During our time at Insomnia58, we managed to collect all sorts of useful information as well as fantastic feedback for the game. Since then, we’ve been tweaking some things in Warpball to help address some of the issues and ideas people have given.

When we set up our exhibition, we immediately found that there was an issue with the audio balance. Mainly that some of the sound effects were almost obnoxiously loud in comparison to the music. We noticed this on the first day (oh no!) but managed to fix it within an hour or so (yay!). We had to lower the volume on the warp and sneaker squeaks too!

Another common problem was that people found it hard to differentiate their player from their teammates. The evening after the first day of Insomnia, we introduced player names above players to help identify which player is which. This helped for the duration of Insomnia58, although we still are planning on introducing a better indicator.

We’ve started introducing goal animations to WarpBall to give immediate feedback for when a player scores. Although we have added it to the alpha, it still needs some work. It is, however, a great starting point for more animations!

Besides from this we have been getting some artwork done for the game. We can’t say much more than that but we’re excited to reveal it to you when it’s done!

Now we move onwards and upwards to Legends of Gaming Live for another exhibition of WarpBall. Don’t forget to help us with funding over at: