WarpBall Alpha Launch and Steam Page

The rollercoaster ride of the alpha is starting up.  After months of work we’re finally starting to put the game into the hands of a few select fans, to get feedback, which is really exciting for us!  Naturally we’re wishing luck to everyone who gets access to the alpha, and are looking forward to hearing what you think, either over on the subreddit or on the shiny new Steam Community page!

And speaking of the Steam Community page, alongside the launch of the Alpha, we’ve also launched our Steam Store page!  If you’ve not had the chance to join the WarpBall alpha, be sure to follow the game and add it to your wishlist, so you don’t miss out on the future betas and release!

All in all, we’re getting geared up for an exciting few months, pushing out features and fixes guided by our little community.  You guys who are with us from the early point are gonna be the ones that end up shaping the game, and we hope you enjoy the journey

Now let’s get to the gaming!