WarpBall Tournament at Insomnia58!

We’re showing WarpBall at Insomnia 58 this weekend!  And while we’re there we’re holding our biggest WarpBall tournament yet.  Sign-ups for the tournament will happen all through Friday, and Saturday from 11am until 1pm, and the tournament matches themselves start on Saturday at 12 noon. The winners of the tournament will come away with Alpha keys, […]

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Community Spotlight: WHAT KEEPS HAPPENING

For our first community spotlight, NewGuyGames is bringing the laughs in his video showing some online gameplay from the WarpBall Alpha.  With some impressive saves, great banter, and the appearance of an extremely amusing bug (which we’ll be fixing next patch), the video is sure to give you a couple of laughs. Newguygames will be […]

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All Alpha Keys distributed and Hello Russia!

Good news to some, but bad news to anyone without a key, all the alpha keys for WarpBall have been distributed!  If you were too late to grab a key this time, not to worry, we’ll be doing some more public tests later in the year, opening the game up to more people!  There’s been […]

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WarpBall Alpha Launch and Steam Page

The rollercoaster ride of the alpha is starting up.  After months of work we’re finally starting to put the game into the hands of a few select fans, to get feedback, which is really exciting for us!  Naturally we’re wishing luck to everyone who gets access to the alpha, and are looking forward to hearing […]

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