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WarpBall Alpha Launch and Steam Page

The rollercoaster ride of the alpha is starting up.  After months of work we’re finally starting to put the game into the hands of a few select fans, to get feedback, which is really exciting f…
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WarpBall | Coming Early 2018

Football with a futuristic twist, WarpBall lets players teleport around the pitch for unrivaled mobility.  Inspired by SpeedBall, with a hint of Nightcrawler… BAMPF!

Outplay others online

Compete in fast-paced casual matches and ranked leagues, and show the world who’s best.  (We’re talking about you!)

4-player local multiplayer

Having a party?  Nothing beats being able to gloat right into your opponents face after a match!

Mix it up with abilities

With 3 classes and 9 different abilities, find the playstyle that suits you